Your brand story is the narrative that helps you cut through the noise online and generate stable business. But creating content and a brand presence online is hard work. The internet is a noisy place and you’re just not sure what your story is.

Just how do you break through from being virtually invisible to getting awareness of your brand and generating sales through PR, social media and your website?

My name is Christine Tobin and I’m a Kilkenny-based marketing and PR professional, an award-winning editorial writer and influential campaign journalist. I’m also a trained press photographer and a former corporate communications specialist.

I understand the importance of strategically combining quality content with quality amplification for your business. I have used my own marketing and PR skills to boost my brand – from being a virtual nobody to getting good traction with my marketing that has led to good steady sales.

I have worked in regional media for over 17 years, in Ireland and NZ, and am a former deputy editor and business editor and most recently, the producer of radio show KCLR Live in Kilkenny. I have spoken to so many business owners and leaders, just like you, who didn’t realise their business was newsworthy or interesting. As soon as they discovered what was interesting about their business, they started to get heaps of free publicity which turbo-boosted their brand awareness and generated new business for them.

Getting “cut through” is all about having the right skills and contacts and knowing what your stories are. In my years as a journalist, I have seen what works and what doesn’t. And I know that NO BUSINESS IS BORING!

I have had an estimated 160,000 press releases sent to me by PR agencies who were charging vulnerable businesses a fortune. Most of these pitches failed!

Why? Because the PR industry has become complacent and fails to evolve, in spite of repeated feedback from the media. This is impacting people like you.

You want to be heard. You want to reach your target audience and you want to cut through the online noise. But you’re too busy and too overwhelmed by digital marketing and don’t get you started on the headache of having to create content!

I’m here to help you create a strong brand message and to amplify it through successful PR, engaging social media and hardworking web content – known as a Digital PR Campaign.

If you want to work with me, I offer a FREE consultation where I can tell you what’s newsworthy about your business and what a Digital PR Campaign would look like for your business.

The sad thing is, many people DON’T realise how EASY it is to cut through that noise and be heard (and generate and convert sales) by efficiently bringing the buyer along the buyer stages for you.

All you need is the right marketing team and before you know it…

…your PR campaign will create buyer awareness and establish you as a market leader. 

…your social media platforms will be working as your business front desk moving customers through all stages of the buying process, grabbing the attention of those who want to know more about you the “media star”, and directing them to your website.

…your website will be your star salesperson, helping customers to make their decision to buy, and converting those leads into happy and loyal customers.

And all because you were clever enough to see that ALL THREE content platforms SHOULD AND CAN work together to get your business noticed.

If you want to know how your Digital PR Campaign can help you get more clients and customers, get in touch.

What does Solas mean?

 Solas: The Irish word for light; enlightenment; disclosure; comfort.

Get in touch and find out how Solas can light up your media opportunities.