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REVIEW: Market Cross Shopping Centre

I love getting glowing reviews for my work – who wouldn’t? A massive thanks to Lesley Cleere and the team at the wonderful Market Cross Shopping Centre for this lovely review. We worked on a media campaign before Christmas and got some great, positive media coverage for the centre and its tenants. A good media […]

How to jump on the news cycle and bag some earned media

One way to get free media coverage – earned media on radio and print interviews – is to follow journalists on Twitter and LinkedIn and answer the call when they are looking for a particular type of interview subject. Some PR agencies call this “newsjacking” but I just call it jumping on an opportunity when […]

Who the heck are you and why do customers need to know?

Why does your local business story matter more in this online labyrinth of anonymous entities? Let me tell you why – and start with an example. I went onto a local business site recently and was ready to purchase their product (foodstuff) but was turned off straight away. My Visa card in hand, I quickly […]

PR Campaign Special Offer

Are you a business owner or leader in Kilkenny or the wider South East region and looking for an affordable PR campaign to help you get your marketing head above water? I’ve just launched a special offer for Jan and Feb, to help you kick-start your PR campaign.   You get heaps of great stuff […]

Great press photos to boost your media campaign

Nothing torments a journalist more than a shocking bad pic sent in with a press release.   Most media outlets now have online platforms and quite often, even if you don’t get on air or print, you still have an opportunity to have a story printed online.   This is actually great as you can […]

10 tips to get positive media exposure for your business in 2021

Check out these ten simple tips for getting positive media exposure for your business and smashing your media campaign in 2021. Journalists are eager to hear your good news stories. This is true! But before they hear your story idea, you need to make sure you are spotting, packaging and pitching them the right way. […]

Why Barbie has almost 15 million followers on Facebook

Yes, I know that sounds weird but read on for a moment. Barbie has 14,872,393 followers on Facebook. But for a time there, Barbie got the brunt of some wrath in society as she was deemed to be out of date – an ideal about women that parents no longer wanted their daughters to aspire […]

The benefits of a media campaign

Before setting out on any journey, it’s fair to assume that most of us have a pretty good idea of where we want to go. Well, the same must be true of a media campaign, including earned (print and radio) and social media. It seems like an obvious observation, but too many people run head first into media work, without considering what direction they’re moving in or why. Without understanding your objectives, you’re just a twig in the breeze and won’t be able to measure your success on the other side. So, what are the benefits of running a media campaign? Raise awareness about your cause or business Grow your client […]

Communications consultancy launches in Ireland’s South East

A Kilkenny-based journalist has launched her media relations and social media business Solas Media Solutions to help South East businesses get noticed in a noisy market. With over 17 years’ experience as a regional journalist, Kerry native Christine Tobin has most recently worked throughout the pandemic as producer of the flagship radio talk show KCLR […]

We need more female voices in media

Do women need to lead the change of interview topics from children and nappies, to teams and strategies? The news media’s main aim is to inform, educate, entertain and inspire. In a democratic society, the media serves to shape the narrative in society. But too often, that narrative is being read from one perspective – the […]