Check out these ten simple tips for getting positive media exposure for your business and smashing your media campaign in 2021.

Journalists are eager to hear your good news stories. This is true! But before they hear your story idea, you need to make sure you are spotting, packaging and pitching them the right way.

1: Understand your media objectives.
Why are you doing a media campaign? What’s the end goal that you have in sight? By identifying your objectives, you will stay focused throughout your campaign. Check out some of the benefits of a media campaign.

2: Know the media. Read! Listen! Watch!
Read the news every day. See what makes into the papers, online and on air. Which media outlets suit your audience? Which ones have a high readership or listenership?

3: Make a media campaign plan.
You wouldn’t get into your car without some idea of where you are going, right? So, likewise, don’t start a media campaign without first tracking your journey.

4: Know what’s newsworthy about your business.
In my experience, every business (even the small ones) are sitting on at least three stories that can be shared with media outlets. Some are nationally newsworthy, most are locally or regionally. But there are usually some great opportunities to be had once you know what journalists are looking for.

5: Develop and know your key messages.
Know exactly how to talk about your business or service in an interesting way. Too many people jump into interviews without preparation. They bore the listeners/audience/journalist, fail to make an impact and destroy any hope for future interviews. Be the kind of person that a journalist can rely on for good soundbites and comments. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds too.

6: Learn to write a basic press release.
Many newsrooms are inundated with pitches for interviews. There is nothing better than a well written press release that gives journalists exactly what they want to know. Some journalists can rewrite your release and print it – where online or in the paper. Others use the press release to weigh up if you’re a good fit for an interview. It’s the ultimate way to introduce yourself to media and there is a simple formula for writing them. Also, never sell directly in a press release – tell your story. Increasing sales is a biproduct of media work. Check out more press release tips here.

7: Know how to share your story with news media.
Gone are the days when you could invite a journalist for a cuppa and a chat. Don’t get me wrong – they still love to get a cuppa now and then but with increasing workloads and diminishing resources, sadly cuppas with journos are a real luxury.
Knowing how a newsroom operates will help you build a better relationship with the journalists you work with.
When are their deadlines? Ask them. Do they prefer email or calls? Do they want a press release or a pre-recorded voice clip? Do they need a press pic?

8: Always be prepared for media!
Don’t be like the people that sent me a press release and then got on a plane, went on holidays abroad and missed the whole thing.
If you are sending a newsroom an invite to engage – which is what a press release is – at least stick around to take calls or emails for follow ups, press shots and interviews.
Also, only do media when you’re in a position to take calls from new clients or customers or to field queries. After all, a boost in business is the byproduct of a good media campaign. Make sure you make space in your day for that.

9: Make the most of your media campaign affiliations.
If you are working with other organisations or even celebs, be sure to tag and be tagged and share the limelight with them.

10: Show up every day on social media.
Turn up, post and engage. A dead social media page (like, you’ve not posted in 2 years or even 2 months!) says that maybe you’re not in business any more. But also be careful what you post. If you have a journalist sniffing around your social (which they sometimes will while researching you) be sure it is clear of anything dumb and controversial.

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