There are ten reasons that I can think of…

1: People need your service/product
Your shop or office might be closed to customers but if the need for your service or product still exists, then you need to find a way to bring it to them. Social media will be your new digital front desk!

2: Customers are actively scrolling to buy

When people are in need of something, they turn to their phones and they search Google for a solution. With people in their homes, working or not, they are scrolling online and social media all day. They are looking for you. Make sure you’re there to greet them.

3: The time is now
Economists predict a surge in sales later this year as consumers have been sitting on their retail purchasing urges. With online shopping the only option for many right now, and a renewed loyalty to Irish shops (thanks to Brexit), now is the time to get online and boost your brand awareness.

4: It’s where younger shoppers spend
That’s right – you can open up new revenue streams simply by connecting with a new audience.

5: Stay in touch with customers
Social media allows you more than brand awareness and it’s not a broadcast platform – it’s about engagement so enjoy staying in touch with customers. Thank them when they compliment you and help them if they have a query.

6: You do you
Unlike a website, your social media platforms allow you to show the human side of your business. The ‘who’ of your business is often what attracts new customers or clients. The story behind what you do is important and customers appreciate a little insight into your story.

7: You know who you want
You can target your ideal customers – you know who they are and what platforms they are likely to be scrolling on. Jump straight in and meet them!

8: Social media is dynamic
If you want a flash sale, you can have one TODAY! Whatever direction you want to take your business, it just takes one post to do it.

9: Track your progress
You can measure your success on social media and online and track sales leads. That’s right, you know exactly where your sales are coming from so you can invest more time into those activities.

10: Use that multipurpose magic
Use it to boost staff morale, thank your customers, give back to the community, offer solidarity, value add with advice or even recruit new staff members.

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