6 reasons you’re not ready for news media exposure

1: You have nothing newsworthy happening (no, a 50 per cent sale is not newsworthy)

This is a biggie in an industry saturated with PR companies promising fame and glory by sunrise.
The main reason people’s press releases don’t get picked up by media is that there’s nothing of value in it for the news outlet or readers.
Let me put this another way – the press release sucks real bad!
Some PR companies will take money from eager and vulnerable clients, slap a coat of lippy on a pig (write a press release that says nothing) and spam mail 100s of journalists.
The PR company wins because they’re paid anyway, but the client loses big time! All that money, all those expectations, for what – a big fat nothing!
Hey, I’ve nothing against pigs – but the media only wants beautiful unicorns.
Some unicorns need a hose down, or some grooming, for sure – but they know the difference between a unicorn and a pig wearing lipstick.
Yes, we will only work with you as long as you have actual newsworthy stories to tell.

2: You’re at the height of legal battles – don’t bring a flashlight into that attic!
You just drop that loud hailer and walk away. If your company is in the middle of a legal backlash, you could potentially face at the least embarrassing media coverage and at the most, the very doom of your beloved company.

3: You’re not in a position to grow your business
You say you want media coverage but then, your business is not in a position to grow. Maybe you don’t have the time, or a family member is ill. Don’t open the floodgates if you don’t have a boat ready!

4: You’re about to go into receivership/liquidation
Please step away from the journalist! Why would you want media coverage now? Perhaps that ship has sailed.

5: You’ve just had negative media coverage
Sometimes companies need some time away. Don’t feed the media momentum. In most cases, it is best to take some time out of the spotlight and just focus on retaining clients and keeping your business afloat. Sometimes positive media can help, but mostly, you’re better off focusing on damage control.

6: You’re leaving for an around the world cruise and won’t have access to your email or phone
Nothing annoys a journalist more than someone who hits and quits. Why ask for coverage and then not be around to bag it? Sometimes sending a press release is like sending a detailed invitation to chat. Many journalists like to follow up with interviews for some colour, or even to check some details.
Hang around until your media is in the bag – then you can swan off on your fancy holiday.

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