One of the worst things you can do on your social media is “product dump and run”.

Product or service posts are important. You’re not just on social media for the chats. But people don’t want to be sold to.

But here’s the thing.

If someone walked into your shop or phoned you, you wouldn’t just jump straight into a product pitch, would you?

No, you’d have a genuine, authentic conversation.

Know how to create engaging social media content.

Likewise, the most engaging brands on social media are those who have a conversation.

The brands that I manage on social media perform well because we understand, know, appreciate, and like our audience.

Being able to engage, be empathetic, have fun, give information, and be human helps followers/customers to know, like, and trust you back.

Don’t laugh but, Barbie is good at this on her social.

This sometimes means that your post might not even mention your product or service, but will simply seek to connect with your customers/followers based on what’s going on for them.

Know your followers. Who they are and when they are online. Then know how to create engaging social media content just for them.

This could mean a post for parents with kids heading back to school, a neighbouring business winning an award or a story about your own community that you want to celebrate and share.

Behind-the-scenes posts are also great to put a face to your business. They are authentic, personable, might even add value, give an insight into your brand, and don’t sell aggressively.

Link your audience to your website too – and yes, you should have one.

This is a great piece to read about social media trends for 2021.

“Brands need to be more human on social media, inviting the world to your dinner table for a meaningful and engaging conversation,” says Aaron Kaufman, Director of Social Media at Square Enix.

Don’t hit it and quit it on your social media. Stick around for breakfast, and longer.

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Every business and brand is different so a one-size-fits-all approach to social media doesn’t work.

Each brand needs its own voice as only the authentic ones will cut through the noise.