Did you know that we see a whopping 3,500 ads each day? How is that even possible?

It makes me wonder, though, how much of that information we retain? I would say, very little.

But how many news stories do we read each day? Significantly less!

So reaching a customer with the right message, and through the right medium is vital.

You have a better chance of catching their attention through a news story!

3am: Cellphone – Mommas feed babies & shop for baby.
6am: Cellphone – check breaking news, Facebook & texts while still in bed!
7am: Cellphone – check weather and bank accounts.
Breakfast: Print media – Read newspapers.
8am: Cellphone – Commuters and café queuers check social media.
9am: Desktop – Email time.
10am: Desktop –Paying bills online.
12pm: Desktop – Internet browsing.
1pm: Desktop/Cellphone – Hello!! Anyone there? Out to lunch & too busy for being active on Facebook.
3pm: Desktop – Oh, sweet work distractions!
5pm: Print media – Read newspapers.
7pm: Tablet – After dinner, sweet spot for online shopping & big consumer decisions with partners.
8pm: Tablet – Telly time & sharing online with friends.
10pm: Tablet – Shouldn’t they be in bed? Not if they’re looking for love in all the wrong places!
1pm: Cellphone – Hey there, insomniac shoppers!

On Wednesday, Vijai Raju, the digital media sales specialist for Fairfax gave a presentation in Whangarei’s Orchard Business and Event Hub.

For more about his presentation, check out yesterday’s blog post about the conflict between native ads and earned media.

He gave some interesting stats as part of his presentation about advertising with Stuff.co.nz:

How did we feel about ads?

  • 92% of us read business reviews online.
  • 37% feel good about a business that sponsors events.
  • 86% talk to someone about it after seeing an advert in media.
  • 79% have visited a website after seeing its ad in printed media.
  • 89% decide when to buy after seeing an ad in media.

If seeing an ad makes you want to buy, how much more would a news story about your company?

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