One way to get free media coverage – earned media on radio and print interviews – is to follow journalists on Twitter and LinkedIn and answer the call when they are looking for a particular type of interview subject.

Some PR agencies call this “newsjacking” but I just call it jumping on an opportunity when you see it.

Journalists regularly give a shout out online when looking for people to talk to them on certain issues.

Journalists are looking for you!

Journalists are looking for you

The topics they’re looking for people to talk on can vary – from buying a house to starting a business.

They usually involve topics on the news cycle – pandemic restrictions and business, new trends and innovation, communities doing something awesome, businesses struggling to continue trading, the impact of Brexit and lots more.

These opportunities are not ideal for every business but are absolute gold for many.

Journo watch

Now, I’m not suggesting that you actually stalk journalists, but I am saying that the more you follow (online in a legal way) a journalist or media outlet, the better understanding you will get about what they write.

#JouroRequest is a great hashtag but really, the best thing to do is to create a Twitter list of journalists (regional and national) and keep an eye on what they’re talking about.

The news cycle is predictable – the main themes and topics are around emerging social trends, business and economic performance indicators, pandemic coping, new supports and industry tensions, as well as those feel-good-fuzzies that will cheer people up or the weird stuff that will distract us.

  • Economy – jobs, business performance
  • Innovation – what’s the next big thing?
  • Property – house prices, rental trends
  • Small town, big story
  • Travel – intercounty and international
  • Weird and wacky
  • Wellness – mental health and fitness
  • Weather and nature – spiders, extreme weather
  • Adventures – have you done something incredible
  • Awards and accolades – have you or your team won something
  • and….lots more..

Recently, a former journo colleague of mine was looking to speak with someone who had a career change during the pandemic. Seeing this as a great opportunity to chat about Solas Media Solutions, I raised my hand and got in touch with her for this story in the Irish Examiner.

I got to share my key messages, talk about my business in a positive way and gain some additional Google authority for my website.

It’s always great if a media outlet will link your business on their site, but that’s often a big ask. Great if you can get it though.

So, jump online today – make a list and get your business story out there.

Or, hire me and I’ll do some newshound work for you.

What are you waiting for? Get searching!