Just what will your organisation get out of doing media work? 

If you own or lead your business or organisation, then time is the one thing you don’t have. So, before you jump into any new project, it makes sense to weight it up – is it worth bothering with? Does this deserve time?

Most people say “Well, media work boosts my profile”.

Yes, it does – but what does that mean? And, why stop there?

Did you know that running stories in the media can do a whole lot more?

Here’s a list of benefits from running a media campaign.

  • GROW your client base
  • Raise AWARENESS about your cause or business
  • Increase your business CREDIBILITY
  • Helps people to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you
  • Stimulate public DEBATE about your industry or product/ services
  • Get the ATTENTION of politicians, investors, stakeholders
  • Highlight an INJUSTICE—industry legislation perhaps?
  • Offer SOLIDARITY to similar organisations
  • Gain volunteers, find STAFF
  • Remove STIGMAS attached to your industry, product or service
  • Promote SOCIAL CHANGE or consumer shift in attitude
  • SHED UNTRUTHS, negative misunderstandings about your campaign/cause/organisation/product/service
  • CELEBRATE a win
  • Gain SUPPORT for a challenge
  • Increase awareness for FUNDRAISING campaigns

Now – who wouldn’t want some of that?

To find out more about how you can bag these benefits for your business or organisation, contact Christine.