Seán is the Group Political Correspondent for Communicorp – Newstalk, Today FM, 98FM and Spin 1038/South West. He is also heard on your friendly local radio stations.

I asked Seán for his nuggets of media wisdom for any business looking to pitch a story to a newsroom. 

This is what he says….

“I know it sounds very simple, but lead with the most interesting thing you have to say. We get hundreds of emails a day to the newsroom so your mail needs some punch to it. Think about what’s going to set you apart from all the rest.

“Everyone knows businesses are struggling so why should the dispassionate observer care about your story over 20 others that might come in that day?

“Different businesses have gone about this different ways – telling their community story, sharing the personal hardship of being pushed to the wall, lashing out at politicians or even threatening to breach restrictions! I don’t believe one is better than the other (don’t all go threatening a mass illegal re-opening !), but all have got media attention.

He says that once you decide what your unique story or angle is refine it to a snappy line or two….”lead your email or phone call with that and a brief explanation of who you are. Make sure to include contact details when getting in touch with a newsroom (you’d be amazed how many don’t!)”

He says if you have the time, it helps to research the media outlet you’re pitching to.

“Very often someone in that newsroom will have done some items on businesses or personal stories before and you often get more change out of contacting that journalist directly as well as sending your story to the newsrooms more generally.

“Best of luck over the next few months. It’s not easy but hopefully we’ll all get through and have happier days ahead!”

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