Every day, thousands of people are being quoted in news stories and magazine articles in the country, each media personality with an agenda, campaign or issue to promote or highlight. Which type of media personality are you?

Every media campaign is different. They’re different because of the topics, angles, and energy, but mostly because of the people driving them.

Journalists can distinguish the difference between the drivers too and can work in a different way with each.
Before you set off on your media journey, discover which type of media personality so you can better plan your ideal approach. Take the quiz.

Which answers best describe you in your business or organisation role?
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Question 1
A: You have years of industry experience and have had leadership roles in your field of expertise, perhaps even sitting on the national committees for industry groups.
B: You have started your business in the last 6 months.
C: You often work many hours without pay for a voluntary or community group.
D: You have between 1 and 19 staff members or contractors.
E: You’re employed by a large company to manage its marketing.

Question 2
A: You have written a book, or are planning to write one, as you have accumulated a mass of industry knowledge and would like to share it with the world.
B: Your product or service is delivering something different to the market and may be a new development in your industry.
C: You spend time trying to get attention for a particular social cause or campaign.
D: You’ve been in business for over a year.
E: You’ve had some company media training.

Question 3
A: You are the face of your successful business.
B: You have received State R&D funding in the last 18 months.
C: You regularly email politicians and change makers looking to bend their ear about a social issue.
D: Your business has an HR manager but doesn’t have a dedicated communications team.
E: You have a degree in communications or some related PR area.

Question 4
A: You regularly give talks, or are planning to do speaking events.
B: You have spent your savings on starting up your company.
C: You have zero advertising budget and spend your time looking for corporate funding or sponsorship for the projects you work with.
D: You are very much involved in the day-to-day running of your business, along with your staff.
E: You’ve already worked on media campaigns for companies.

Question 5
A: You’re in a role which sees you dish out industry knowledge, whether through coaching and training or through webinars and online sessions.
B: You are seeking investors, or have already had a cash injection from investors.
C: You are closely aligned to charities and NGOs and their values and aim to change societal behaviour or mindsets through your main role.
D: You regularly attend networking events with staff from your organisation.
E: You have contacted a newspaper to get media coverage for your company.

Mostly A – The Influencer
Mostly B – The Start-Up Founder
Mostly C – The Campaigner
Mostly D – The Small Business Owner
Mostly E – The Marketer

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