Note for Irish readers: Silly Season coincides with the summer holidays in New Zealand. In Ireland, the Silly Season is in August but the same rules apply. 

What is the Silly Season and why does it mean more media exposure opportunities than any other time of year?

Every Christmas and New Year, the media across NZ are tasked with filling the same amount of column inches as always.

Here’s the problem for them – everything shuts down (courts, councils, parliament) and everyone goes on holidays (schools, kids, CEOs).

Hey, if you don’t believe me, check out these hilarious wee nuggets of folly from NZ media during silly season. Dang – they get desperate for news.

Silly Season is traditionally known for frivolous stories in the media – but only because every day is a slow news day.

So what the heck are they meant to write about?

YOU! This year, they’re going to write about you!

A challenge for them is an opportunity for you!

Solas Media is running its Silly Season Promotion until November 24, giving you a chance to plan how you can make the most of Silly Season media opportunities.

Let’s not see the media overreach this year. Let’s give them some decent yarns to run.
Happy Xmas NZ media – have some good stories.

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