Did you know…

1: Positive media exposure is explosively good for business.
There is nothing better than a news story to let customers know more about the values of your business. An advert might tell them about special offers, and your blog and social media will only reach so many people, but only a news story can reach enough people to make an explosive difference to your business.

2: Every business owner or leader should know how to write or talk about their business in the media.
If a journalist called you today with a media opportunity, would you have the slightest idea how to make the most of it? Most people waste opportunities to communicate their key messages because they don’t know what their key messages are!

3: Media relations is simple – and I can show you how.
If you don’t want to spend thousands on hiring a PR company, you can learn the media ropes for yourself and your team. Media relations is all about knowing what is newsworthy, how to package it for media and how to pitch. It’s also about relationship building with media. Let me show you how simple it is!

Christine Allen has 16 years of experience as a journalist, in Ireland and NZ. Get in touch.