Food is a great topic for PR and media coverage!

Why? Because humans need to eat to survive. Also because humans like to eat for entertainment and fun.

Therefore, food businesses can fall into the PR category of health, food, entertainment, human interest, general news (due to the reopening of the hospitality sector), innovation, business and travel.


In the middle of 2021, I worked with the inCarlow | Carlow Local Enterprise Office on the wonderful #TasteInCarlow Discovery Trail – a selection of 26 incredible food and beverage-based businesses who joined together to promote Carlow nationally and internationally as a food destination.

We had phenomenal success with media coverage for this campaign because media readers/listeners/viewers like to eat and know where to eat and also because Ireland has a mighty force of media all interested in hearing positive news from around the country. But mostly, because the businesses that came together for this campaign were super interesting and newsworthy – they really are worthy of discovering.

A massive thank you to Kieran and the team there for allowing me to be a part of this project and wishing them and the trail members every success in the future!