I have had the absolute good fortune of finding David Lunn and Dervla Moloney of Foundation Stone Financial Planning Ltd and have been working with them on their marketing and PR.

They are just one of my clients. Here’s a testimonial written by David about working with Solas Media Solutions.

When you enter the world of owning your business you feel as if you must be an expert at everything and be able to do everything. The internet is full of people who will gladly take your money to tell you what you need to do. I know I fell into that trap, especially when it came to marketing, social media, and public relations.

I tried to do as I was told, posting here, and blogging there. I even tried vlogging. To be honest it is hard. It takes time and to be frank I felt totally inadequate. Then through the BNI I met Christine Tobin.

What a ball of energy. Not only is she a seasoned expert in traditional media but she is just as clever with all the new media. In the brief time we have engaged with Christine we have launched a podcast, regularly posted across, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, had 3 solid local radio interviews, redone all the content on our new website, and held a live launch event with 40 guests. That is just the first month.

I can safely say that Christine has reinvigorated our marketing efforts beyond all expectations. Her insight and inspiration have made our PR and Marketing a joy to behold. I would highly recommend Christine to anyone looking to create a loud noise about their business.

— David Lunn, Director, Foundation Stone Financial Planning Limited