Before setting out on any journey, it’s fair to assume that most of us have a pretty good idea of where we want to go.

Well, the same must be true of a media campaign, including earned (print and radio) and social media. It seems like an obvious observation, but too many people run head first into media work, without considering what direction they’re moving in or why.

Without understanding your objectives, you’re just a twig in the breeze and won’t be able to measure your success on the other side. So, what are the benefits of running a media campaign?

  1. Raise awareness about your cause or business
  2. Grow your client base
  3. Increase your business credibility
  4. Help people to know, like and trust you
  5. Stimulate public debate about your industry or product/ service
  6. Get the attention of politicians, investors, stakeholders
  7. Highlight an injustice—industry legislation perhaps?
  8. Offer solidarity to similar organisation
  9. Gain volunteers, find staff
  10. Remove stigmas attached to industry, product or service
  11. Promote social change or consumer shift in attitude
  12. Shed untruths/negative misunderstandings about your campaign/ cause/organisation/product/service
  13. Celebrate a win with your team
  14. Gain support for a challenge
  15. Increase awareness for fundraising campaigns

To get earned media, you or your organisation must be newsworthy.
There are 5 newsworthy media types. Each requires a different approach. Which one are you?

1: The influencer
2: The Start-up Founder
3: The Campaigner
4; The Small Business Owner
5: The Marketer

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