Admit it! You’ve always wanted someone to write a positive news story about you, your business or organisation. It’s a noble desire!
There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a story about your business which shines its positive light on those incredible accomplishments that you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

But, how do you go about it?

What is the first step to getting positive media exposure?

Identify your objectives!

Like any journey, you must know your destination. You’d never get into your car without first knowing where you wanted to go.
It’s the same for media exposure. You need to acknowledge what you want to get out of it.
Ask yourself why you want or need this exposure.
Your objectives will not only direct what kind of media you pursue but the key messages that you focus on in your interviews. More about that soon.

With a little guidance, figuring out your objectives is the easy bit! It’s knowing how to approach media outlets with a pitch that’s the tricky part.
We can help with that!

Register for our 2-hour What’s Your Story? workshop which takes place at the Orchard Business and Event Hub in Whangarei on Friday, June 23.

Christine will lead you through a journey to identify your media objectives, discover your own story pitches and then, learn how to get it publicised.
This is the ideal starter workshop for anyone looking to boost their personal brand or company profile in the news media. It’s perfect for sole traders, SME operators, communications staff or anyone who works with media.

Part 1: Identify your media objectives. Why do you want or need exposure?

Part 2: What is a news story, what do journalists want and how do you package up your story for a media audience?

You will come away from this fun and practical workshop with a clear understanding of the interesting, newsworthy aspects of you, your business or organisation. You will also learn excellent skills for pitching to media.
This is a vital first step in your media journey! These are also skills you will have over the entire life of your career!

The workshop is just $200 pp  (GST inclusive) and runs from 10am to 12pm on Friday, June 23 at the Orchard Business and Event Hub, Whangarei. Make sure you bag a place by emailing Christine before 5pm on Friday, June 9. (Get in quick as there are only 10 places available!)

For more about Christine, check out our About page.