Yes, I know that sounds weird but read on for a moment.

Barbie has 14,872,393 followers on Facebook.

But for a time there, Barbie got the brunt of some wrath in society as she was deemed to be out of date – an ideal about women that parents no longer wanted their daughters to aspire to.

But they went back to their marketing department and pulled all that apart.

They came up with a new strategy – a clever one that celebrates Barbie in a modern light.

The new campaign has been around for a while but I only recently spotted it on Irish TV.

It goes to show that a brand’s story can completely change and the narrative can become something positive.

What does this have to do with your business, you ask? Well, let’s start with the fact that Barbie has 14,872,393 followers.

Well, her social media campaign is a prime example of a company using Facebook in a ideal way.

Here is some things that we can learn from Barbie for our social media pages.

  1. Barbie shows up on her social media every day
  2. Barbie talks about social issues in a positive light
  3. Barbie is supporting good causes through the page
  4. Barbie is promoting social inclusion and diversity
  5. Barbie shows you where to buy her stuff
  6. Barbie uses well-timed themes – Halloween, presidential election, Mental Health Week etc.
  7. Barbie engages the opinion of experts (lots of posts about why playing with dolls is good for children)
  8. Barbie is asking questions to engage followers
  9. Barbie uses bright photos and videos to illustrate her message
  10. Barbie is vlogging with friends and posting that online
  11. Barbie schedules events on the page
  12. Barbie is an online influencer that doesn’t do product endorsements (or risque selfies) for a like. She’s her own woman and has integrity!

Be clever like Barbie – control the narrative online and stay positive and engaging.

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