What's the first step towards positive media exposure?

Admit it! You've always wanted someone to write a positive news story about you, your business or organisation. It's a noble desire! There's nothing more satisfying than reading a story about your business which shines its positive light…

When should you post your content online?

Did you know that we see a whopping 3,500 ads each day? How is that even possible? It makes me wonder, though, how much of that information we retain? I would say, very little. But how many news stories do we read each day? Significantly less! So…

Native ads - the newsroom impostor?

Do you read news websites for entertainment, or to be informed? Of course, you do! But for a while, news sites have been sneaking a new type of story into the mix – stories that are not entertaining, informative or educational. Yesterday,…

Media plans, and leaving the house with your baby

Having a media plan is a lot like preparing to leave the house with your baby. What starts out as a simple journey can quickly turn to tears, tantrums, poop in your face and you suddenly looking ten years older.

5 Principles of Maori Business and your key messages

If you’re putting your Maori business in the media spotlight, it’s worth considering how you can include the 5 principles of Maori business in your key messages.